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Eminense Plumbing are specialists when it comes to Houseboats and Marine Craft. Managed and installed by our partner company Faster Plumbers, we have extensive experience and a dedicated team of houseboat plumbers / boat plumbers to look after your vessel. Whether it be:


  • New boat construction - from design and planning to supply, installation and commissioning

  • Boat renovation works

  • Houseboat Greywater Treatment System supply

  • Houseboat Greywater Treatment System install

  • Houseboat gas compliance works and boat compliance works in accordance with Energy Safe Victoria Regulations

  • Houseboat Plumbing, gas and Greywater Treatment System repairs, servicing and maintenance 

Houseboat Greywater Treatment System

Houseboat Greywater Treatment System & Packages Lake Eildon

Goulburn Murray Water (GM Water) is responsible for managing the water storage at Lake Eildon - which is the only inland body of water in Victoria that permits the use of houseboats. With over 700 houseboats on Lake Eildon, it is vital that we ensure the long term sustainability of houseboat operations and subsequent water quality. As per GM Water regulations, all Houseboats on Lake Eildon are required to have a Greywater Treatment System fitted in accordance with the following:


  • All new houseboats to have a Greywater Treatment System installed

  • Existing houseboats that require a transfer of licence after 1 July 2015

  • All houseboats on Lake Eildon by 1 July 2020 are required to have an installed Greywater Treatment System.


Eminense Plumbing Director Aiden Gale has over 15 years experience in houseboat and marine craft plumbing, so when it comes to boats, houseboats and luxury vessels we understand that an extremely high quality of finish is expected and that  every square inch of space must be utilised to it's maximum potential! 


Our houseboat Greywater Treatment Systems are highly advanced, yet simple in design. The Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System has demonstrated that it can meet the minimum discharge criteria for treated grey water specified in 'AS4995-2009 Greywater Treatment Systems for vessels operated on inland waters'. As such, the Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System meets GM Water requirements regarding Houseboats on Lake Eildon.


The Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System occupies minimal space and operates with very minimal impact to your boating lifestyle - you will forget that your Greywater Treatment System is even there!


We offer a range of supply and installation options with the Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment Systems for you to consider. We can provide houseboat plumbers to supply and install the complete, specifically designed houseboat Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System for you, including to work with you to determine the best option and location for your houseboat Treatment System, manage the installation and commissioning process, providing signoff by licenced Plumbers and we can register you for annual subsequent servicing in our Servicing Schedule.

Greywater Treatment System Supply & Install Package From $17,999 INC GST

The picture above shows a recent test performed on a Greywater Treatment System installed by Faster Plumbers that has been in operation for 18 months on Lake Eildon.  The left glass of water is a sample of the systems untreated grey water. The much clearer water sample on the right has been treated using the scientifically advanced Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System - available from Eminense Plumbing & Faster Plumbers.

Package 1 - Supply & Installation by Eminense Plumbing includes the following:


  • Supply of complete Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System

  • Supply of 480L grey water Holding Tank

  • Complete installation of Ultra GTS & Holding Tank including all materials to connect all plumbing to and from the Greywater Treatment System

  • Connection of all wiring and float switches between the Ultra GTS unit and the control box

  • Complete installation of all suspended drainage to connect fixtures to the Greywater Treatment System

  • Plumbers labour to commission unit, inspect installation and provide compliance to Goulburn Murray Water for approval, including all paperwork submission

  • Includes first 6 monthly Greywater Treatment System inspection and service


NOTE: This is based on standard installation, each boat requires assessment and estimation according to individual vessel requirements. This price does not include:


  • Electrical power point for unit

  • Welding or alterations to steel work

  • Guarding of low hanging Plumbing

  • Alterations to existing Houseboat plumbing

Greywater Treatment System Supply & Owner Install Package From $14,250 INC GST

We understand that some vessel owners may wish to install their houseboat Greywater Treatment Systems. Eminense Plumbing can happily supply your system, and provide you with advice and instruction on the best method for installation. After installation is complete, we will inspect your Greywater Treatment System providing compliance for Goulburn Murray water approval.


Package 2 - Supply Only & Installation by Owner includes the following:


  • Supply of complete Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System

  • Supply of 480L grey water holding tank

  • Plumbers Labour to design Greywater Treatment System installation and to explain installation procedure  (includes 3hrs max)

  • Set of labelled 3D Working Drawings, showing how the unit needs to be installed with locations of all componants supplied in our materials pack.  Following our Working drawings will ensure your installation is ready for our commissioning process which gains you certication to Goulburn Murray Water for use.

  • Plumbers labour to commission unit, inspect installation and provide compliance to Goulburn Murray Water for approval, including paperwork submission (includes 2 hrs max)

  • Basic materials pack required for plumbing connections of the Ultra GTS Greywater Treatment System - detailed plan shows layout & locations of all items supplied in the materials pack.


NOTE: Plumbers labour time includes:


  • Phone conversations 

  • Max 1 site visit at installation & 1 site visit at commission of Greywater Treatment System

  • Does not include additional materials outside basic materials pack (if required)

  • Does not include to alter any incorrect installations

Houseboat Greywater Treatment System installed in a Houseboat on Lake Eildon. The system is compact and mounted out of site in an existing pontoon, whilst the controller is easily accesssible and tucked into a cupboard, ensuring that no valuable useable space is wasted! 

Grey Water Treatment System Enquiry

Pontoon Holding Tank Schematic
Suspended Holding Tank Schematic

The ultraGTS Greywater Treatment System - we can supply and install in a complete package, or alternatively, supply only with installation instruction should you wish to install yourself. Available with either a Pontoon Holding Tank or a Suspended Holding Tank as below.

PLEASE NOTE: All dishwashers and sinks can be connected the Ultra GTS grey water treatment plant, however any additional servicing that may be required due to owners overloading the system with grease, fat or foodscraps is not covered under warrenty.

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